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Bullshit metrics | Down for the cause by Suhail Doshi


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Here's a great take on the new dawn for metrics about your website.  Gone are the days of page views, etc… it's time to find something actionable to measure and act upon.  Engagement, for example.  -Ed.

Every day feels the same. A fledgling startup tries to appear like the up-and-coming market leader while the market incumbent aims to protect its dominance. It has become exhausting to keep up with how fast everyone seems to grow: 100,000 new users per week here, 20 billion monthly pageviews there, and let’s not pass up a watershed moment like 3 million members total. These are the industry’s most praised metrics.

Sadly, we haven’t moved forward over the past decade despite our whole industry becoming smarter about how it measures and analyzes data. Companies still pitch investors with a cumulative user sign up graph, sell advertisers on how many pageviews they get, and bamboozle reporters with the biggest numbers they can find regardless of whether they correlate to success. We can do better as an industry. We should do better because collectively we’re not benefiting–we’re all just fooling each other.

To read the full, original article click on this link: Bullshit metrics | Down for the cause by Suhail Doshi


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